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Top Ten Tuesday: Book Characters that Would Be Sitting at My Lunch Table

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they post a new topic that the participants come up with a top ten list for.

Hey guys :) Welcome to my first TTT post in forever (I mean it, my last one was at the end of January). I love the idea of today's topic! If book characters went to your school, who would be sitting at your lunch table?

Varen Nethers - Nevermore, by Kelly Creagh
The amount of times I've featured that guy on my top ten lists is ridiculous, but he'd definitely be at my table! If there had been a group of goth/emo/whatever kids at my school, I would have sat with them. And if he wasn't at my table, I'd go out of my way to sit at his :P

Noah Shaw - The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, by Michelle Hodkins
Noah is into literature and theory among other things, so he might drop by my table every once in a while. I could imagine that he's a bit of a drifter between several groups of people and sits with whoever he feels like on that particular day.

Tate - The Replacement, by Brenna Yovanoff
The girl wears combat boots and kicks ass in the mosh pit. We could talk about bands and go to shows together.

Riley - The Demon Trappers series, by Jana Oliver
When she'd bother to actually show up to school, I'd love to sit with her and hear about her latest adventures hunting and trapping demons.

Cam - The Fallen series, by Lauren Kate
Most of the time, I was more of a Cam fan than a Daniel fan (though after the end of the second book, the series went downhill for me anyway). He's fun, entertaining, and devious. Also, he can procure all kinds of stuff and it always comes in handy to have someone like that at your table.

Hale - Heist Society, by Ally Carter
I'd say he has more money than brains, but that wouldn't be true. He has lots of brains. But he's also a gazillionaire. And a thief. And a conman. And well-connected. In short, you'd want him at your table. But you'd have to keep an eye on him, too.

Saira - Marking Time, by April White
Saira is a Clocker - she can time travel. She's also a badass free runner, she can fend for herself, and she's loyal. Great at sarcastic witticisms, too. I'd want her to have my back.

Simon - The Mortal Instruments, by Cassandra Clare
Because he may be a daywalking vampire now, but he was a nerd first. And I just realized that my table is kind of lacking in the nerd department. Can't have that.

Sirius Black - The Harry Potter series, by J.K. Rowling
Siriusly, who wouldn't want teenage Sirius at their table? He'd entertain everyone. I can already see Varen glowering at him. But I think he might get along with Noah.

I'm not quite sure whom to give the last place to. I've thought about Tod from the Soul Screamers series, but that might be too much snark in one place. Or Nick from The Demon's Lexicon, but he might kill everyone out of annoyance. I've also considered Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone, but somehow I can't picture her in such a mundane place. Oh! I know! I'd pick Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler. Because demon butlers. We should have one.

This was hard, guys! There are so many other characters I considered picking but somehow felt wouldn't quite fit the table. I'm very curious to see who you guys picked! Do we have anyone in common?

Monday, September 1, 2014

Review, Excerpt & Giveaway (INT): Iron Pendulum (Periodic series #2), by Megan Curd

Hey guys and welcome to the blog tour hosted by InkSlinger PR for Megan Curd's Iron Pendulum, the second book in the Periodic series! I really enjoyed the first book, Steel Lily, and was part of that tour last year (read my review here). I'm very happy for the opportunity to be part of the tour once more!
Below, you can find more info on the book and author, my review, an excerpt, annnnnd a giveaway :)

Release date: August 28, 2014
Format: ebook, 285 pages

A month ago, Avery thought the world ended outside Dome Four. Thought she was one of the few of her kind. Thought the war that brought the human race to the brink of extinction was over.

But a month can change everything.

After fighting to escape a tyranny she didn't even know existed, Avery has had to come to grips with all the secrets she's uncovered. But more secrets continue to come to light, revealing how little of her world she truly knew. When evidence starts to show that Dome Four might be under siege, Avery knows what she must do.

Returning to the dome she longed to escape is a challenge for Avery, but now she knows there’s corruption lurking in the shadows. A massive steam shortage leaves half the dome without power, and people are falling ill. Dying.

And they’re blaming Avery.

A month can change everything. One more month could kill everyone. The clock is ticking. 

Megan Curd is a graduate of Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota. While having always enjoyed reading any books she could get her hands on, Megan didn’t begin writing until a friend encouraged her to do so while in college.

When not writing, Megan enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Photography, traveling and snowboarding are hobbies she loves, and she doesn’t turn down the opportunity to play xBox with her brother and friends when it presents itself.

Megan currently resides in Ohio with her husband and son, where she is trying to convert them into Buckeye fans.

The following review is based on an eARC of the novel provided to me by the tour organizer in exchange for my honest opinion.

Also - spoilers for Steel Lily ahead!! Read that one first, okay? I also apologize for the length. I've never been great at keeping the reviews short and I'm out of practice...

The ending of Steel Lily left Avery at the alliance headquarters reunited with her father but grieving the death of her mother. The beginning of Iron Pendulum picks up soon after that, so there is no gap between the two installments of the series. Avery and her friends are scouting out some tunnels between headquarters and Dome four, her former home, when they are attacked by a bunch of Zeros. In case you don’t remember, the Zeros are victims of radiation set off in the war and have also been experimented on my Xander, who fashioned them into his personal army. They are irrational, aggressive, and basically like zombies without the undead part.

There are also not supposed to be any new ones. Problem is, Avery recognized one of the Zeros as a former member of her class in Dome four. What’s more, Xander sent a message – he knows they’re down in the tunnels. Something is clearly afoot in Dome four, so Avery, Jax, and Alice are going back in (bugged, of course) to figure out in how far it is under Xander’s influence and what governor Lindroth is planning.

Avery had been gone for six months, and it quickly becomes obvious that the situation for people in the dome has gone from bad to worse during that time. Every day, people get sick, cough up blood, and die. Without Avery to provide most of the dome’s steam, the air filtration system had to be shut off more and more often, since the other Elementalists (among them her old nemesis Erin) cannot live up to her steam quota. Everyone, commoners and the governor alike, wants to know where she’s been, why she abandoned them to their fate. They are blaming her for their misery. The Polatzi forces violently break up mobs of protesters. And Avery definitely feels the pressure. The pressure to provide, to answer questions, to evade, to survive, to keep the secrets of the alliance safe despite threats to hurt her loved ones – and above all, the pressure to give people hope. That she’s smart-mouthed as ever and prone to cause riots does not always work to her advantage.

I really have to commend Avery for her bravery and her spine of steel, even though she’s a bit impulsive at times and can’t stay out of trouble. She has to deal with so much injustice and loss (I’m thinking of one death in particular, plus the ending – how could you do this to me, Megan Curd??)in this novel and she still gets up again and keeps going. I also enjoyed how despite some tensions that arise because Jax has to get close to evil Erin and Avery is supposed to weasel information out of Vince, the governor’s son, the relationship between Avery and Jax remains solid. They’re a team, they trust each other, they have each other’s back. So much unnecessary jealousy-drama could have been created from this situation, and I’m very glad that wasn’t the case! Also, the awesome snarky banter between Jax and Avery that I loved so much in Steel Lily is still there and sharp as ever!

As for Jax himself, I really liked that we get to see another side to him in this novel. He’s not just all smartassery and mechanic genius. Because they’re staying with a friend of Avery’s who is taking care of a bunch of orphaned little children, he has to learn to be kind and take care of those weaker than him. I will never forget the image of ‘Prince Jax’ having an imaginary tea party with the little girls. And a tiara on his dreadlocks.

As the days wear on and more people get sick despite Avery filling the steam canisters every day, questions arise. Why are the canisters empty every night when the steam should have lasted for a whole month? Where is that energy going? What’s the massive iron clock with its tick-tocking pendulum that now stands in the marketplace for? Is the governor just a power-hungry elitist, or is he in league with Xander? What’s up with all the Zeros in the Polatzi forces? Can Avery really count on the loyalty of all of her friends?

The pace of this book is fast and doesn’t leave space for lulls in action or a moment of boredom. Despite that, character development is not overlooked and there are short moments of ‘normalcy’ for Avery and her friends before the dome goes to hell in a handbasket again. I also really liked the addition of Vince as a character and that we get to see a bit more of Sadie. That girl’s a hacker genius and they’d be screwed without her.

One small complaint that I have is that I would have liked some more conversations and bonding between Avery and her father. They’ve been apart for so long, and I’d have liked to see them reconnect a bit more before Avery runs off to the dome again. Also, I’d have liked some more info about how the world came to be as it is, but I guess that will have to wait until the next book.

Apart from that though, this book is an awesome, action-packed ride! The ending was unexpected, and there are a couple twists I really didn’t see coming, as well as characters not turning out to be who you thought they were. Iron Pendulum continues the blend between post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, and fantasy with a heavy dose of snark that won me over in Steel Lily. I can’t wait to see where the story goes next!


Hint to you guys: every day, a different excerpt is posted - so it makes sense to follow the tour and check out some of the other blogs if you want to get more of a peek ;)

“I love the smell of crusty military men in a sewage tunnel,” Jaxon said as he crouched, ready to take on the first one that arrived. Fire began to form in the palms of his hands—the element he’d been able to control since taking a vial of my blood—and it crackled ominously, sending sparks everywhere. His element was as unpredictable as he was, and he was learning to control it quickly.

But he’d forgotten one little tidbit. We were standing in water, and I was a water Elementalist.

Oh, he was going to be so mad when his minstrels sang songs about me.

I focused all my energy on the rippling water around my ankles and felt a familiar zing of electricity in my limbs. The water bubbled, and there was a rumble behind us.

Jaxon caught on and dropped to his knees to cover his head, the fire disappearing into a turret of smoke. “You cheater!”

So, what do you guys think? Have you read Steel Lily and are eager for the sequel? Is this your first time hearing about the series? Any thoughts on the excerpt, or the premise of the books in general? Let me know in the comments :)


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On traveling and adjusting to life when you return

So... hi? Is anyone still here? This is me, crawling out from under a rock. A rock I'm sorry I stayed under for so long. It's been almost three months since I last posted here, the night before I left for the US. And to my defense, my sister and I's time in America was amazing, but also exhausting at times and I could just never find the time to finalize my update-from-the-road posts, though I have quite a big draft and might tell you more about my travels in my 'Get to Know Me' posts that I used to do on Sundays.

Dear Americans, your country is HUGE. I travelled about twice the north-to-south length of my country every day, for 3 days, going basically all the way straight through lots of desert. I've never seen so much sand, or flat space without mountains. I can't even begin to count all the new things that I've seen during those 6 weeks I was abroad, but let me give you a short list. I have:

  • met a fellow blogger - shout-out to Kelly from Effortlessly Reading! She is such a wonderful, generous person and you should check out her blog if you don't know it already. She showed us Strands Books and Books of Wonder in New York and contributed to the heaviness of my suitcase(s). Kelly, thank you again for everything, and I hope we can meet at BEA some day!
  • ridden the Greyhound bus
  • had my fortune told after going on a ghost and vampire tour in New Orleans. Then kept chatting with the fortune teller and her fiancĂ© in Jackson Square until long after midnight. He could do an amazing impression of Jack Sparrow and the Joker from Batman.
  • drove from New Orleans to Tucson in 2.5 days
  • slept in a tent in the woods at Grand Canyon after stargazing through a telescope and seeing Saturn's rings.
  • seen a show in Vegas

    Seriously, I had no clue it was in Vegas this year, and during the time we were there! We could only stay for 3 hours but it was awesome, I met Holly and Julie Kagawa and I got a ton of books and I wish we could've stayed longer, though I made a bit of a fool of myself in front of Holly because I was so excited. I've loved that woman's books for ten years and never in a million years thought I'd get the chance to talk to her.
  •  met April White, author of Marking Time, an awesome novel that is currently free on Amazon and that I've reviewed here on the blog a while ago. She is one of the most generous and kindest people I have ever met! April, thank you again for everything you've done for us - you don't know how much it meant to me! Also, I owe you email and a review.
  • saw July 4th fireworks at the beach
  • went whale-watching and saw a pod of about 1000 dolphins! Dolphins used to be my favorite animals as a kid.
  • drove up Highway 1 along the coast from San Diego to San Francisco
  • biked across Golden Gate Bridge
  • had an amazing hostel-organized tour of China Town during which we visited two temples, a factory where they still make fortune cookies by hand, and had a tea tasting with the best snarky host-lady ever
  • was in Japan Town during a festival. Lots of cosplaying people! A store with awesome hats! A store with a whole floor of manga!
There were of course many many more things, big ones, smalls ones, fun ones, less fun ones (like the crack in our windshield), people met and left behind. I've never been away from home for so long. I've never seen so many places in such a short amount of time. There are so many cities I want to go back to. So many memories. At times over there, I even forgot I had a job. My old life seemed very far away.

So, coming back was harder than I thought it'd be. It was strange to be in the same place for so long and not live out of a suitcase. Everyone spoke Swiss German, which was weird at first. I had to go back from seeing new, exciting things every day to somehow trying to fit into the everyday-routine of life in Zurich. My city suddenly seems very small, even though it's the biggest one in the country. My life seems small and boring all of a sudden, though there were of course also perks to being back, like meeting friends, eating healthy food, having an Xbox again... Still, I miss being on the road. I kind of envy my sister, who after 3 weeks here is currently in Shanghai.

I haven't quite found my footing again yet, also because I'm in a very in-between kinda situation. I've finished my MA thesis and final exam at the end of may, but I will only get my diploma on September 24, so I can't apply for any jobs or internships yet. Still, after 6 years I'm done with university. I don't know what to do with that. I've been a student of some kind for almost 20 years, and I've never done a gap year or exchange program. And now I'm suddenly not part of the student population anymore, and it's weird.

I'm supposed to be an adult now, right? But what if I don't feel like one? What if I have no idea how to have a career, or if I want one, or what kind I want, or what I want to do and how to go about it?
This type of questions, combined with falling back into the routine of my part-time job, is one reason why I didn't start blogging again at the end of July. I also had a strange kind of fear and writer's block thing going on about blogging because I've been away from it for so long. I have no idea what everyone's been up to. I don't know which books are coming out. I don't know if anyone still remembers me.

But you know what? I missed blogging and the interactions that come with it. I miss talking about books, posting my new book purchases, reading Top Ten Tuesday and WoW posts, interacting with people in comments and reading reviews. And I hope that eventually, I can find my way back in and that there are still people interested in what I have to say.
Have any of you had similar experiences after travelling and/or not posting for a while? Do you ever feel insecure about having something worthwhile to say? What do you do about this strange fear of posting? I'd love to hear from you in the comments :)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

I am done with EVERYTHING! And coming to the US! :D

Hey guys!

I know I know... it's been a very long period of silence from me. It wasn't intentional. I just couldn't keep up with everything at the same time, and I had to prioritize writing that MA thesis. But I'm done now. Done with the thesis. Done with the exam. Everything is handed in. My next and last action at university will be getting my diploma in September with everyone else who finished this semester.

It doesn't quite feel real yet. Studying was a huge part of my life for the past six years. It was a part of my identity. To not have that anymore... it feels weird. But also good. Because I was sort of fed up with... everything. I just need something else. I need to see the world. Which is what I'm about to do. In pretty much exactly 12 hours from the moment I'm writing this, my plane takes off. My sister and I are doing a huge, six week trip to the US!! :D


Neither of us has ever been to the US before. And now we're going together. First we'll be in New York for about the week, then we're going to Washington D.C. for a day, then we're boarding a plane in Baltimore and flying to New Orleans. We're staying there for another few days, then it's off in the car. We're driving across Texas and then somehow up to the Grand Canyon, then to Vegas for my sister's birthday. After that, down to L.A. and San Diego and then up the coast until San Francisco.

Yup, we've quite a program. And we hope it'll be awesome. And that we'll have adventures. And meet people along the way.

I'm also a bit scared though, to be honest. I've never been so far from home for so long. (I also haven't driven a car in forever) But I also hope I can sort of figure out or at least get more of an idea what to do with my life post-university on this trip. I hope I can write some stories and have new ideas, see new things, get a new perspective.

What does all of this mean for the blog?
Well, even if I'm traveling, I will still be reading. I have in fact read quite a lot even while writing the thesis. I just didn't get around to/have the energy to blog about it. I am VERY out of touch with everyone and everything, including new releases. I also have quite a bunch of ARCs I never got around to reading, but I hope I can catch up a bit over the summer and I still plan to write and post these reviews, even if it's not around the release date anymore. I really missed blogging!! I feel like so many cool things were going on and I am way out of touch with everyone :/

Also, you can expect this blog to become a kind of travel blog for the next few weeks, with pictures and stuff every few days, also depending on where we can get WiFi.

Lastly and very importantly, if you live in NYC or New Orleans or L.A. or San Francisco or basically anywhere I mentioned above, I would love to meet you! It would be so cool to meet bloggers in real life! I wish I could have come earlier and gone to BEA, but I had my exam on  May 27.
I don't mean to come across as a creep with this meeting thing. But we could have coffee or maybe go to your favorite book store or whatever. So if you're a blogger and maybe we've talked before and you live along our route, I'd love to hear from you via email or on Twitter!

So... yeah. I don't really know what else to say. I have to go finish packing and stuff. And freak out some more. And hopefully catch a few hours of sleep. And not do something stupid like forgetting my passport or ESTA thingy. Hopefully you'll hear from me tomorrow or the day after that while I'm sitting in some café in Brooklyn and annoying the natives :P

Have any of you ever gone on a big road trip? Do you have any tips for my sister and me? Places we totally need to see? Things to avoid doing? Bookish places to visit? Let me know in the comments! I've really missed blogging and interacting with you all!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blog Tour Review and Giveaway (INT): Of Breakable Things, by A. Lynden Rolland

Hey guys... after a long quiet, I'm back with a review as part of the Of Breakable Things tour organized by Chapter by Chapter. Below you can also find more info on the book and author as well as a link to the tour schedule with the other stops. You should check those out because there also interview and guest post stops, and who doesn't like a glance behind the scenes ;) There's also a giveaway you can enter below.

Release date: April 8, 2014
Publisher: Month9Books
Format: Paperback, 300 pages

Goodreads description:
A captivating debut about the fragility of life, love, and perspective.

Alex Ash was born broken. Living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is like living on death row, but she is willing to fight for her frail life as long as it includes the boy next door. Chase has always held the pieces of her together, but when he dies tragically, Alex’s unfavorable fate becomes a blessing in disguise.

Faced with a choice, she finds herself in a peculiar world where rooms can absorb emotions and secrets are buried six feet under. Among limitless minds, envious spirits, and soulless banshees, Alex hardly rests in peace

A. Lynden Rolland was born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland, a picturesque town obsessed with boats and blue crabs. She has always been intrigued by the dramatic and the broken, compiling her eccentric tales of tragic characters in a weathered notebook she began to carry in grade school. She is a sports fanatic, a coffee addict, and a lover of Sauvignon Blanc and thunderstorms. When she isn’t hunched behind a laptop at her local bookstore, she can be found chasing her two vivacious children. She now resides just outside Annapolis with her husband and young sons.

Of Breakable Things is a novel that begings with its heroine’s death. Then again, Alex, said protagonist, has been dying all her life of a rare illness that rendered her fragile and unable to do all the things she wanted to do. But through all of that, there were always the Lasalle brothers, first among them Chase. Chase and Alex shared a connection that was plain for anyone to see, though neither of them ever dared to really act on it. When the Lasalles all died in a tragic accident, Alex died inside as well. With her mother dead and her father placing the blame on her, there was nothing and no one else to live for.

Yet death doesn’t have to be the end. Souls with enough energy can choose to stay behind as spirits, and this is what Alex chooses with the hope that Chase made the same decision, that they could meet again. On the other side, Alex enters the spirit town of Eidolon, where new spirits are taught about the rules of their afterlife and how to use their powers. It’s basically like boarding school for the gifted dead, and Alex turns out to be plenty gifted. I really liked that since her body was always weak, her mind had to grow all the stronger and she now profits from that.

However, all is not dandy in the city of the dead. People stare at Alex because of how much she resembles the mother she never met… yet no one wants to answer her questions about her. Also, the other Lasalle brothers are there to take Alex into their midst again, but Chase is detained for breaking the rules. There is something more brewing in the town of Eidolon. Banshees have been sighted, which is highly unusual for the region. Things have gone missing. And Alex finds a box of old letters she feels compelled to read…

Something I really liked about the structure of Of Breakable Things is that it alternates between the present and between memories of Alex and Chase’s past. I found the beginning a bit cumbersome because there’s quite a lot of info dropped on Alex (and thus the reader) in a rather didactic way. I can see why that’s necessary because the world Rolland created is very complex and imaginative, but I was also glad for the change in pace that the memories brought with them. They made me understand the connection between Chase and Alex and I began rooting for them.

That whole ‘soul mates’ and ‘destined for each other’ stuff is not usually for me, but I could get behind it here because it’s not insta-love where the characters basically know nothing about each other. Alex and Chase grew up together from the time they were babies. They understand each other better than anyone else. However, the way their meeting again is dragged out for quite a while became a little annoying. On the positive side of it though, that gives the reader more time to get to know the other Lasalle brothers and the dynamics between them and how Alex fits into that. I really like sibling bonds in novels and that definitely came through here – the love as well as the rivalry. All four brothers have distinct personalities, and they all care about Alex in their own way.

As I’ve said, there’s a lot of world building in here. The rules for spirits are strict and there’s a schedule, but there’s also time for fun. Some of the teachers and school lessons reminded me a bit of Hogwarts, but not in a rip-off kinda way. I think it’s just hard to get around that comparison these days. Anyway, I really like how the novel plays with things we believe about ghosts, and how Alex and Chase’s hometown with its history of haunting figures into it. Also, spirit ‘brains’ work a lot faster than regular human ones, and who doesn’t wish they could devour a whole library in a few days and remember every word they’ve read?

The plot takes a while to really get going. I think in part that’s because a lot of things have to be built up and set in motion, but there were also times when I think some scenes could have been shortened to make it a bit tighter. There’s more action and twists as things go along though, especially after Alex finds the box of letters I mentioned above. I really liked reading those and trying to piece together what was going on, and how that figures into what is happening now, more than a hundred years after they were written. Eidolon is a city of secrets, alliances, and legacies. Some families have had spirits showing up there for years and form an elite. Others are shunned and taunted. All of them have plans… and spirits can still die a final death.

Of Breakable Things is a compelling story about love, death, and family. It took me a moment to find my footing in the story, but then the writing flowed easily and I found myself in tune with the characters, their hopes and fears, and their world. The world of spirits was created with a lot of care for those little details that make an imagined world real to the reader, and I found myself wishing I could spend a few hours exploring the town and the school. While the first part of the book focuses more on the relations between characters, the pacing and action pick up later on, so there’s something for everyone. Despite death being a topic, the quirky characters and banter make sure there’s enough fun among the darker and creepier side of things. The ending round the novel off nicely and without a cliffhanger, but I’m also very curious to see where Alex and Chase’s story is going in the next book!

As I've already mentioned above, there are stops with interviews and guest posts! If you're intrigued after reading my review, you can find the tour schedule here.

This tour-wide giveaway is international and winners will be picked on May 3, 2014. Good luck!