This is a blog where I shamelessly indulge my love of books, mostly in the form of reviews or thoughts about books I read and enjoyed. I love books, and I love talking about them with other people, so I hope I will get some comments here that spark discussion :)

Since I read mostly 'heavy' books for my English Literature studies, I read non-'Literary' novels on my time off from studying. I've loved Fantasy books for 10 years now, ever since I was 13. Lately, I've been mostly into Urban Fantasy, anything with Fairies, and Steampunk. Vampires are also an all-time favorite of mine, but I'm selective in what I read because there's a lot of trash (sorry) out there ever since people realized how much it sells.

I've been reading mostly Young Adult books as of late; however, I will also post reviews of adult books here. When I do that I will state so at the beginning of the post and give a warning about the content&themes if I deem it necessary.

The content of this blog will develop as I move along and figure this out - I might also be able to post author interviews or include posts about writing and publishing in general.

This is an award-free blog. Thanks for the appreciation though!