Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Going on holiday

Hey guys :)

Starting tomorrow, I'll be in London until Tuesday night. I wanted to answer comments and maybe even schedule a post or two, but real life intervened in the form of an essay I had to hand in to a professor before leaving. So now I have to drive to the airport in 5 hours and I haven't slept or even packed yet. We have to leave at 3am because we'll need more time there because of a strike of the security personnel *sigh*

Anyway, I have no time to do other blog-related stuff before leaving and I'm majorly stressed out. The time in London should be great though and I'll probably have a big book haul when I return ^^' I might blog from my kindle fire sometimes but that's a bit annoying usually so I might also just let things rest for a week.

Enough of my rambling, I have to go hunt down loads of stuff and pack and maybe catch like 3 hours of sleep...


  1. Have a great time in London!!! :)

  2. Hope you have a great time in London! And don't worry about the'll still be here when you get back. ;0)

  3. Eeeep sorry for the unexpected paper you had to turn in :S but OMG you're probably IN LONDON RIGHT NOW *jumps up and down* Gah, I envy your travels but I'm also happy for you AND I enjoy living vicariously through you and your trips! Have a blast, don't worry about the blog, take tons of pictures (please hehe) and I hope you find TONS of awesome books there to take home with you ♥ Enjoy London Hun!