Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cover Reveal: Timeless, by Michelle Madow

Gorgeous, isn't it? I love how it continues the mask-theme of the other two books. I haven't read the trilogy yet, but the goodreads description of the first book, Remembrance, sounds intriguing! A girl reincarnated from Regency era England? I'm on board!

What's more, there's an amazing prize pack GIVEAWAY going on at Hippies, Beauty, and Books... Oh My! Click the banner below to be taken to the post.

You can also connect with the author on her website or on twitter. Good luck! Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on the cover or share your reading experience of the previous books :)


  1. Yes, the cover is sweet, it's kinda unique and rare (the pose, the colour) ;)