Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stacking the Shelves: The Vain Testing of Darkness

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews to showcase all the books we got in the past week. Those can be bought, won, gifted, for review, borrowed, print or ebooks... no matter, just share what you got :)

This week was another one with not that many books. I've just gotten the notice that I have to leave my apartment by the end of May so I'm refraining from ordering any print books (I have to move 300 of them as it is). If I can't find a new place in the next 3 weeks, and that's what it looks like at the moment, I'll have to temporarily move back in with my parents and sister. Which sucks for several reasons, mostly costs, travel length, and paperwork. I really really hope the household gods will smile upon me with the next half dozen apartment applications I'll send out...

Anyhow, here are my new books!

For tour / review:

The Testing, by Joelle Charbonneau
Darkness of Light, by Stacey Marie Brown

Thank you, Netgalley and Rockstar Book Tours!
Isn't the cover of Darkness and Light a beauty?! I just couldn't resist signing up for the tour, especially once I'd read the description! My post goes up on May 10.
I actually got The Testing last week but forgot to put it in my post. I've heard great things but it sounds extremely similar to The Hunger Games to me. Guess I'll see for myself...

Won during the Book Blogger Twitter Con:

Pacifier 6: The Shadows Within, by Geoffrey Wakeling

Thank you, Geoffrey and Parajunkee!

eBook from Amazon:

Vain, by Fisher Amelie

I've had my eyes on it for a while and after reading some great reviews, I bought it when it was on sale for 99 cent.

*Latecomers I just bought because they're on sale on Amazon*

The Assassin and the Desert, by Sarah J. Maas
The Assassin and the Underworld, by Sarah J. Maas
The Assassin and the Empire, by Sarah J. Maas

These Throne of Glass prequels are usually 2-3$ from my location and were now around 1, so I had to get them :) I read the first one, The Assassin and the Pirate Lord, immediately after the novel and enjoyed it. I know many people are fed-up with novellas but I like that short format - I just wish they didn't have ridiculous prices such as 9$ from my location when they're 3$ in the US. I'm looking at you, Neverfall!

As for what's been going on here on the blog, my review for the Fate War: Alliance tour went up yesterday. It's a great Steampunk romance, also for those of you who are not experienced with Steampunk. You should check it out, there's a giveaway too ;)

What do you guys think of my haul? Have you read/heard of the books? And what did you get this week?


  1. I was a part of the Vain tour a couple of months ago. It was a really nice book. I would definitely recommend it.

    I have those Throne of Glass short stories too but I never really read them.

    HERE is my StS.
    Zemira @ YA Fanatic

  2. I loved Vain :) Seriously, it's such a great read; hope you enjoy it & all your other books!

    new follower!

  3. I'm not familiar with any of these books, but I hope you enjoy them all :)
    Stacking the Shelves
    New Memes: Launch Date

  4. I've seen The Testing everywhere. Hmm, I can't wait to see your review on it to see if it's worth reading.
    And grats on your win! :D
    Enjoy all your books & thanks for stopping by my STS Carmen! (:

  5. Darkness of Light is new to me. Intrigued to hear your thoughts on it. Great haul of books. Enjoy them.


  6. I *loved* the novellas for Throne of Glass. I absolutely ate them up! I got the Testing, as well! It definitely sounds like something Hunger Games would like & even the cover looks along the same lines. :)

    Stacking the Shelves

  7. Oh boy, I think all of these are new to me! I'll definitely check into them. I hope you enjoy them all! :)

  8. I just bought Vain after I saw you note that it was .99 (thanks for sharing!) I've heard great things about The Testing and snagged it from NetGalley, too, but didn't realize it wasn't available for my Kindle. Happy Reading!
    My Stacking the Shelves

  9. The novella's from Throne Of Glass were so good. Vain has been on my pile since it first came out, and The Testing was one that I passed on, because I'm really swamped and not too sure if it's for me. I will prob. regret not snagging it though! Enjoy, all those lovelies!

  10. Firstly, I'm sending lots of positive vibes to the household gods for you so you'll catch a break and find a nice place!

    I'm quite curious about both Testing and Darkness of Light, can't wait to read your thoughts on both! Oh and glad to hear that the Throne of Glass Novellas are so good, I hope they're affordable when I get around to reading book 1 :) Enjoy all the goodies you got ♥

    1. Thanks so much hun! I'm looking at another 2 places tomorrow, and yet another on Wednesday.
      Oh, and those Throne of Glass prequels were amazing!! Not filler at all like some novellas are rumored to be.

  11. I also have the novellas from Throne of Glass and I can't wait to read them. I might give them a shot soon. Happy reading! :D


  12. I'm part of the Darkness of Light tour too, I can't wait to read it :D

    My STS

    Have a great week!