Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: books I would like to see made into a movie

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week they post a new topic that the participants come up with a top ten list for.

This week's topic is the top ten books we would like to see made into a movie... in a world where movie studios don't butcher our precious books.

Honestly? I'm not even so crazy about books I like being made into movies. Not because of casting choices and the like but because when I read, that already is like a movie in my head. I also never imagine characters modeled on certain actors - they look a certain way in my head, but it's not like any real people I know.
That being said, here are ten books/series I would like to see made into a movie or TV series, in no particular order.

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Laini Taylor - Daughter of Smoke and Bone
There actually is talk of a movie! But anyway, it'll probably be years until it comes out. The world building here is just so amazing - I would love to see Karou's Prague and the exotic places she goes to, as well as Eretz of course! The special effects/make-up would have to be out of this world amazing to pull it off though.

Kendare Blake - Anna Dressed in Blood
This would actually be cool as a series! It would mean more time to develop characters, plus new episodes could be written, for instance about some of the ghosts Cas hunted before he met Anna. It would be awesomely creepy!

Cassandra Clare - The Infernal Devices
I know it's been optioned with the same studio that made City of Bones, but again, it'll take forever until there's a movie - if there is. I would love to see it though! I'm a sucker for Victorian London :)

Erin Morgenstern - The Night Circus
Okay, this is pretty much impossible to make into a movie, partly due to the narrative style and how much it relies on language as a medium, but wouldn't it be epic? It would be like 12 hours but whatever - while I was reading, I so wished I could see the circus for real and walk among the tents!

Holly Black - The Curse Workers trilogy
I know I feature this series all the time in my top ten lists! But it just somehow has a cinematic quality to it. It would have to be sharp, with quick cuts, an a lot of light and shadows - sort of in the style of old film noir movies!

Stephen King - The Dark Tower series
Definitely would have to be a series, this is a couple thousand pages too long for movies. But god it would be soooo amazing! But Stephen King would have to have a lot of say on the set or it wouldn't work. Or maybe the scope is too big and the series is better off staying a book? Hm...

Kim Harrison: The Hollows series
Too epic for a movie - this would have a to be a series! I'd love to see Jenks, Rachel, and Ivy on the screen! And Kisten *gets all nostalgic* I don't think it'll happen though. I remember Kim Harrison saying a few years back that so far she always declined offers from producers and the like.

Lia Habel - Dearly, Departed
Steampunk costumes, airships, and zombie battles! I would love to see this amazing mixture of Victorian and digital age! It's somehow like being in the future and in the past at the same time. And it would be great visually!

Melissa Marr - Wicked Lovely series
There's also been talk of a movie or TV series but I have no idea where that's at. It's one of my top favorite fairie series though so I'd love to see it on the screen! The characters are some of my top favorites :)

Anonymous - The Book with No Name (the Bourbon Kid series)
This simply because it would be batshit crazy. Quentin Tarantino would have to direct it. It would be funny and gruesome at the same time.

I'm not sure that those are the top most amazing-est picks I could have made. In fact, I bet that I'll check out other blogs and think 'damn, how could I forget?!' - so link me up, and let me know what you think of my picks :)


  1. I keep seeing Wicked Lovely on lists today, so I guess I better read it. I have the first two in that series on my bookshelf, but, well... you know how it goes. :)

    TTT @ Krista's Dust Jacket

  2. The Night Circus would definitely be an interesting one. It's so descriptive. It could be a wonderful movie.

  3. I read Wicked Lovely but didn't read the rest of the books. I'd like to see how they'd make that into a movie too :-)

    Following on Feedly :-)

  4. I'd love to see The Dark Tower as a TV series, but as you said, with lots of input from Stephen King himself! I still haven't finished the books, but so far I've loved what I've read. Nice list!

    My TTT

  5. A Night Circus movie would be totally wicked. It would definitely be different than the book but I think it would still be lovely and visually pleasing.

  6. Anna Dressed in Blood made my list today too, it would make such an awesome creepy movie. As for The Infernal Devices I agree 100%! I want for them to be a movie but it has to be close to perfect! With a perfect Will, Jem and Tessa :)

    Our TTT

    Ashley @ The Quiet Concert

  7. I haven't read all of Wicked Lovely series. I've only gotten through the first one, but I still remember what things looked like -- which means it must be pretty vivid and good for on screen. Great list, Carmen :)

  8. First, LOVE the new header...it's gorgeous! Second, I agree with your first five picks, and that last one because you mentioned Quentin Tarantino directing. :) The others I haven't read, so I can't really comment on how they'd translate to film.

  9. Completely agree with The Night Circus! However I'm not sure that anyone could do the tents justice.

  10. I'm pretty sure The Infernal Devices is in the works for a movie right now! (That's the reason it didn't make it on my list) I sure hope so! I'm pretty sure I like it better than The Mortal Instruments!

  11. It's an odd mix of sadness and excitement to see that SO many books you mentioned here are *still* on my TBR shelf (and have been for way too long): Night Circus, Curse Workers, Hallows, Wicked Lovely & Infernal Devices!

    Daughter of Smoke & Bone though. I could not agree with you more! Especially for that fact that you're not sure you are really behind books being changed as movies. Brilliant books are sacred and all too often movie studies butcher them o_O Fab list though ^^

  12. I have Daughter of Smoke & Bone and Anna Dressed In Blood on my list too! Great minds think alike. ;D
    Dearly Departed will make a great movie or tv show too! :D
    Great list Carmen & I like your new blog banner! It's so cute! (:

  13. I cannot WAIT for Daughter of Smoke & Bone to hit the theatres! I'm a little nervous that Hollywood won't do Laini's novel justice - fingers crossed that they get it right!

    I would LOVE to see Night Circus adapted for the big screen! When I first finished reading it, I instantly began stalking Morgenstern. I get on her blog every Friday for her Flax-Golden Tales (10 sentence stories about a picture) If you haven't read these, you MUST check them out! If a movie isn't made, them maybe someday she will adapt her book into a pop-up, scratch-n-sniff, interactive children's book (that would come complete with a red scarf, of course). I'd buy it!

  14. The Dark Towers would be AWESOME as a tv series. (btw, are you watching Under the Dome?. I tried, but it's just not the same as the book...) And I can totally see The Curse Workers books as film noir movies. Great idea!!

    <333 the new header!!

    1. I'm watching Under the Dome! The first 6 episodes have aired on German TV so far. I really like it but I haven't read the book so I can't compare them... it made me realize that I REALLY need to get that book and read it asap though!! It's been way too long that I've read Stephen King.