Saturday, October 6, 2012


Sorry for not picking the giveaway winners earlier, guys! This week was insanely busy and it always takes about an hour to check all those entries... that's also the reason why my reviews for Ironskin and Scorch aren't up yet even though I finished the books a week ago >.<

But the winners for the blogoversary giveaway have been drawn now.

Samantha S. won the paperback bundle and Stephanie W. the eBook bundle. Both winners were emailed and have already responded.

Also, I decided to give away some swag to Cassidy C. because she was the only one who went the extra mile and wrote a pinfic for me :) Cassidy, if you read this check your email! Maybe my message was sorted into your junk folder...

Thanks to everyone who entered! I never expected such a response or that I'd reach 300 followers over the course of the giveaway! You guys and your comments make me happy :) I can't make promises yet but I will probably have a Halloween-themed giveaway up later in the month.

Congrats to all the winners, and I hope you'll enjoy your books!

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  1. I emailed you back, I haven't received your email yet but if you get mine I put my facebook information in it so it's an easier way to contact me, also my address because I thought you might have asked for that. If you don't get my email, I do check here regularly haha you awesome :) thank you!