Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday: Dark Star, by Bethany Frenette

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine to highlight upcoming releases that we can't wait for or otherwise think are made of awesome.
My pick this week is:

Release date: October 23, 2012
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Format: Hardcover, 368 pages

Goodreads description:
Audrey Whitticomb has nothing to fear. Her mother is the superhero Morning Star, the most deadly crime-fighter in the Twin Cities, so it's hard for Audrey not to feel safe. That is, until she's lured into the sweet night air by something human and not human--something with talons and teeth, and a wide, scarlet smile.
Now Audrey knows the truth: her mom doesn't fight crime at night. She fights Harrowers--livid, merciless beings who were trapped Beneath eons ago. Yet some have managed to escape. And they want Audrey dead, just because of who she is: one of the Kin.
To survive, Audrey will need to sharpen the powers she has always had. When she gets close to someone, dark corners of the person's memories become her own, and she sometimes even glimpses the future. If Audrey could only get close to Patrick Tigue, a powerful Harrower masquerading as human, she could use her Knowing to discover the Harrowers' next move. But Leon, her mother's bossy, infuriatingly attractive sidekick, has other ideas. Lately, he won't let Audrey out of his sight.
When an unthinkable betrayal puts Minneapolis in terrible danger, Audrey discovers a wild, untamed power within herself. It may be the key to saving her herself, her family, and her city. Or it may be the force that destroys everything--and everyone--she loves.

This one sounds really awesome, sort of futuristic but also rooted in some kind of lore. I need to know more about the Beneath and what exactly the Harrowers are. I'm really curious about Audrey's powers and that Leon guy too ;)
Have you heard of Dark Star before? What are you waiting for this Wednesday?


  1. I so agree with you! This sounds awesome and futuristic! I also cannot wait to read this book! Great pick!!

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  2. I hadn't read this one before so thank you for selecting it! I'm not sure if I will read it or not but thanks for sharing! ^.^ If you'd like to check out my Waiting On Wednesday post you can do so here. :)

  3. Looks like a cute super hero book!
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  4. Great pick. Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. I LOVE superhero books! :D (That's actually what saved Shatter Me for me, the fact that it went kind of X-Men there at the end with Juliette's power...well, that and the yummy Warner, evil villain that he was. :P) Anyway, Dark Star sounds like an exciting read, and I can't wait to check it out myself. Too bad Disney/Hyperion isn't allowing access to bloggers on NG. :(

  6. I just clicked your link to add it to my goodreads shelf ;-) This looks GREAT, thanks so much for sharing!

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    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows

  7. Sounds great! Thanks for sharing! :)
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    -Megan @ BooksiView

  8. No, I haven't heard of Dark Star before, but you have me intrigued now!

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    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace