Sunday, June 30, 2013

Google reader shut-down reminder

Hey guys, as you know Google reader is shutting down tomorrow. I'm still not really sure what this means for GFC and feedburner, but I ask you to please please follow me in an alternative way, preferably via Bloglovin'. It's a great reader for bloggers and you can import all the feeds you follow in Google reader in under a minute. If you don't follow me there yet, you can do so here:

Follow on Bloglovin

You can also follow me via Feedcat or Networked Blogs, just check out the right sidebar. But bloglovin' is preferred, if I may say so ^^'

I really hope GFC won't be shutting down immediately and I hope to get through this transition losing as few of you guys as possible. I know I've been less active as of late but I really value your comments and support! I've got my good laptop back now so I should be posting more often again :)
I really appreciate your support over the last year and I'm hoping for many more months of fun blogging to come! Tomorrow I'll be part of the Cover Madness Giveaway Hop, and soon after I'll do a belated blogoversary celebration :) There should also be new reviews starting this coming week! I really need to catch up with all those amazing books I've already read.

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