Saturday, June 29, 2013

Stacking the Shelves: Gloomy Dark Secrets and Gates in Bookstores

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews to showcase all the books we got in the past week. Those can be bought, won, gifted, for review, borrowed, print or ebooks... no matter, just share what you got :)

Not that much new this week, but some nice presentsies :)

From Netgalley

The Bookstore, by Deborah Meyler

I spotted this as someone's WoW a few months back and it sounded awesome and quirky enough that I'm even facing one my biggest book no-nos so I can read it anyway. I hope it's worth it...


Gloom Cookie Vol.5, by Serena Valentino
The Golem's Eye, by Jonathan Stroud
Ptolemy's Gate, by Jonathan Stroud

Those are all presents from my amazing friend who also helped me format my harddisc on Thursday :) The comic is a belated B-day present and the others he gave me because he's going to buy the boxset and won't read them, and I only have book one.

Kindle freebie

Dark Secrets, by A.M. Hudson

Not gonna lie, it's cover love more than anything. 

Have you read any of these books yet? And what's new on your pile this week? Also, I have a discussion going on at the moment about how to deal with cheaters in giveaways, if you'd like to put in your two cents ;)


  1. Love the cover of The Bookstore. I also find a bunch of new books by going around WoWs :)

    Alise @ Readers In Wonderland
    My StS

  2. Wow, the cover of Dark Secrets look absolutely gorgeous Carmen! (:
    Enjoy all your books! :D

    My STS

  3. Dark Secrets look really good! Great haul :)

    My Haul!

  4. Got to love the cover for Dark Secrets. We are all secretly Cover Whores. Come visit me as well.

  5. Ah, a throwback moment for me! One of the first giveaways I ever hosted was for Stroud's books. I hope u like them!

    My Book Haul

  6. Yeah, I'm cover loving Dark Secrets right along with you *swoon* ♥ All of your haul looks/sounds amazing and they are all new to me so thanks for sharing :D I hope you love all of these and I'm glad your friend was able to offer some computer help!!

  7. I've seen quite a few people with The Bookstore this week. Gonna have to check that one out! Hope you enjoy all your new reads!

  8. The Jonathon Stroud books are really good. Lots of fun! Happy Reading!
    Here are my newest additions.