Thursday, December 26, 2013

Top Ten of 2013: best book boyfriends

Hi there, welcome back to day 3 of the Top Ten of 2013 event organized by Rachel from Fiktshun, Jaime from Two Chicks on Books and Mindy from Magical Urban Fantasy Reads.

This year's top ten book boyfriends

Well... the rules are that the book boyfriends need to be from books not only read in 2013, but also released in 2013. The released in 2013 part really sucks, because there are so many awesome guys I read this year but are from older books. I'm going to cheat and add one of them as my top book boyfriend but not as part of the list. And the honor goes to...

Noah Shaw, from the Mara Dyer series by Michelle Hodkin
Why? He's not only incredibly smart but also, from the description, more my type than most of the guys you see in YA. He's not all bulky, he's lean. He's also effortlessly graceful and dead sexy. Did I mention that his room is basically one giant library? As in all the walls are bookshelves? He reads philosophic/literary theory for fun. He's got a wicked sense of humor. And I just love him paired up with Mara, I think they mesh very well.

Okay, now on with the official list!

Tod Hudson, from the Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent
I'm so glad I read With All My Soul this year, otherwise I couldn't have picked Tod and that would've sucked. He's a reaper, he has a room/apartment that is basically an impenetrable fortress, he's caring, he's willing to do anything for those he loves, and he's a sarcastic smartass. He can also make me swoon with the things he says to Kaylee, when worded by anyone else it would have made me roll my eyes.

Four/Tobias, from the Divergent series by Veronica Roth
I must admit that my favorite Tobias is the one from Divergent. He's had to go through so much, but there is an inner strength about him that is steely but kind. I think he's also very well-balanced and not prone to extremes. He thinks all factions have merit. I just like that he's such a complex character with both great strengths and flaws.

Adrian Ivashkov, from the Bloodlines / Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead
Oh Adrian. When I first met you years ago in the VA books, I couldn't stand you at first. Then your vulnerability and sarcasm wormed their way into my heart. By the end, I ached for you having to pay the price for Dimitri and Rose's happiness. But now I think you're better paired with Sidney anyway. And how could I not crush on the guy who is both artistically gifted and touched by madness?

Will Herondale, from the Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare
Dear Will. You tumble from one extreme to the next, and I hurt for you so much when you found out that all those years of trying to make others despise you and believing to never be loved in return... were in vain. And to be torn between the love for a boy who is like a brother and the girl you'd like to spend your life with... it's cruel. As you can be cruel. But you've got the best one-liners. And you got the right ending for yourself in the end.

Gavriel, from Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black
Centuries old and mad as a hatter a lot of the time. Gentile. Tortured. Kind. Mysterious. A very strange romance, but one I rooted for nevertheless. Also, that novel contained my favorite kiss of the year. I'll give you an extract from the scene, after Tana bit herself on purpose to give him the taste of something forbidden. I guess it's a spoiler for one of the best bits of the book though, so read at your own discretion...

He groaned at the taste of it, eyes going wide with surprise and something like fear. [...] He'd been careful before, but he wasn't careful now as he licked her mouth; and it amazed her as much as it terrified her. He kissed her ferociously, savagely, their lips sliding together with bruising fervor. [...] Her fingers dug into the muscles of his back, their bodies pressed so close that he must have felt every hitch in her breath, every shuddering beat of her heart. And as scared of him as she had been, right then she was more frightened of herself. 
Gavriel reeled back from her, lips ruddy. He wiped his mouth against the back of his hand, her blood smearing over his skin. Gazing at her for a long moment with something like horror, as though he was seeing her for the first time, he spoke. "You are more dangerous than daybreak."
-page 160

Morpheus, from Splintered by A.G. Howard
I know, I featured him on my villain list yesterday. But he's also my book boyfriend. I think I have a problem: I can't fall for a guy if he's not also a bit dangerous, if I can't also resent him a bit at the same time. And well... Morpheus is perfect for that. He's also physically my type. Let's not even talk about his magical powers and killer fashion sense. He's also a bit mad, like most Netherlanders. He could be chaos walking. And I guess we've already established that I go for the mad ones... in books, at least.

Lucas, from Easy by Tammara Webber
Okay, this may be a little cheating. Easy was self-pubbed in 2012, but the Penguin re-release was in January 2013. So that counts. I really like how Lucas is so much more than the 'bad boy' Jacqueline first thought he was. He's caring, loyal strong, scarred. I also really like how respectfully he treats women. And he's very smart, too. What's not to like?

Chaol, from Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas
I was really torn between Chaol and Dorian in Throne of Glass, but Chaol won my heart in Crown of Midnight. I really like the relationship dynamics between him and Caelena. He's strong, loyal to a fault, and caring. He's also determined and protective.

Fear, from Some Quiet Place by Kelsey Sutton
I have a thing for figures who are the embodiment of an abstract concept. Death, Fear... keep them coming! Fear is provocative and maybe a little cruel... but he's got his reasons for what he does. And he loves fiercely, too. Also, that power he wields. I can't help a morbid fascination with it. I hope there'll be more of him in the next book.

Will, from Dance of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin
I was suspicious of him, but only in the very beginning of the book. Then I forgave him, because I think I would have acted the same at the end of book 1. Again, someone who cares selflessly for those important to him. He's a great support for Araby and he helps those less fortunate than him when he can. He's very protective of his younger siblings, and as someone who'd do anything for her sister, I empathize with that.

So... that's it. Do we have any book guy crushes in common? Is there someone you despised? I know I tend to go for the mad, broken, screwed up ones... ^^'' What were some of your own favorites this year?


  1. I really loved Prince Dorian but I never could really get into Throne of Glass so I never finished it. I LOVE Tod and Adrian! They always make my lists. Love Lucas! He made my list last year. I did read a lot of older books as well this year so it was hard to leave those boys off.

    My Top 10 Book Boyfriends

  2. OMG I love your list! I wanted to include Noah on mine so bad but it was 2012! I should have cheated lol. Tod and Morpheus and Will! And I love Four and Choal too! I love your list!

    Oh and to answer your question.. I have "Live and Breathe Words" tattooed on my back =D

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

    1. Oh I love that quote! It's one of my favorite things Will says to Tessa :D Great choice for a tattoo!

  3. Mmmmmm Chaol ♥ I admit I was torn between him and Prince Dorian in ToG but Chaol blew me away in CoM. Sigh! And I agree completely with you about Four\Tobias...down to me liking him a lot more in Divergent as well XD Oh and YUM, Graviel was easily my favorite part of Coldest Girl in Coldtown *swoon* Great picks!

  4. Yep, all of these guys are my bookish crushes, too. It kind of excites me to see that someone else was drawn to Fear the way I was. :) Oh, and that excerpt from Coldest Girl...swoons.