Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Belated March challenge wrap-up with a picture of my favorite shelf

Hey guys! I'm a little late because I missed the wrap-up post for my main challenge when it went up... oops. Anyhow, I did fairly well with the reading but not the reviews. Again. I'm in a total review slump and since I'm reading like a madwoman the books I should review keep piling up, which is demotivating. Anyway, here's what I've read for each of my challenges:

  • The Iron Knight, by Julie Kagawa Finished March 2.
  • If I Stay, by Gayle Forman  Read March 5-6.
  • Where She Went, by Gayle Forman Read March 7
  • Stray, by Rachel Vincent Finished on March 10.
  • Rogue, by Rachel Vincent Read March 10-13. 
  • Rapture, by Phillip W. Simpson Finished March 20.

6 books is not too bad I guess. My overall is now at 21, and I pledged to read 21-30. I'll have to upgrade...

This month's wrap-up link & giveaway is at Justin's Book Blog and his  mini-challenge for this month is to take a picture of our favorite book shelf. Not the whole big thing but just one single shelf. It was a tough call but I went with the shelf that holds most of my hardcovers :)

Yup you can sort of see the shelf below, but that's not a lot of cheating and I don't want to fuss with the picture right now. I love my Edgar Allan Poe collection and my Laini Taylor books :)

  • The Iron Knight, by Julie Kagawa (February 24 - March 2)
  • Where She Went, by Gayle Forman (March 7)
  • Rogue, by Rachel Vincent (March 10-13)
  • The Stone Demon, by Karen Mahoney (March 21-22)
  • Clockwork Princess, by Cassandra Clare (March 29-31)
Again, quite a bunch but no review. I only reviewed what I had to, AKA ARCs. I hope I can get up my Stone Demon review on Thursday though. Heads-up: go buy it now, it's fantastic!

  • Where She Went, by Gayle Forman (Read March 7)
  • Just One Day, by Gayle Forman (Read March 2-4)

Not a lot, but better than last month. And I'm reading another right now. I REALLY wanted to review both books, but life happened. I remember them well though and might post a review later on. Just One Day is by far the best book I've read so far that would fall in the NA category.

Overall I'd say this is as much a post of accomplishment as it is one of shame. I made progress on all my challenges, but posted only one review that qualifies for one. Boo me. How did you guys do in your challenges, if you're participating in any?


  1. I've been really bad about keeping track of my challenges this year. I pretty much gave up on that aspect. Haha. But I'm still working on them. I might have to raise my GR books read goal because I've already read half my goal. :) Love your shelf, btw...I still need to read those Kelly Creagh books.

    1. I had to add up and double-check a couple books but I actually like updating my challenge page, it makes me feel accomplished :) I'll also have to raise my GR goal. It's set to 100 and I've already read 40 :P But it's great that we've exceeded our expectations like this, isn't it?
      Thanks for commenting! And yup, you should definitely read the Nevermore books ;)

  2. I'm not participating in any reading challenges but I had to come and sneak a peek at your favorite shelf. I totally ♥ it - Edgar Allen Poe, Laini Taylor, Venom, Vampires & lots a pretty colours on black covers *wipes drool off chin*

    1. Hehe ^^ The Laini Tayloer books are sooo pretty... and I love looking at other people's shelves too! ^^ So if you'd ever like to share yours... ;)
      And whether or not to participate in those challenges was quite a wavering around for me. I don't need MORE pressure in my life, haha. So I chose challenges that would include books I wanted to read anyway, as some sort of extra-incentive.