Saturday, April 13, 2013

The writerly stuff I get up to this weekend, with a favorite author of mine!

Hey guys :)

I'm just back from an evening at the pub and I'm super-stoked! Nope, I did not have any alcohol... but I'm participating in a writing workshop this weekend, and the instructor is none other than the wonderful Lee Weatherly! Yup, the very same Lee Weatherly who wrote these amazing books (among like 40 others):

I couldn't believe it when Lee tweeted about teaching this course a couple months ago! I mean, we're talking about Zurich, Switzerland! I never would have expected her to come here, or that this sort of English writing scene has been existing right under my knows without my knowledge!

Lee Weatherly
I was really nervous before entering the pub for this informal pre-workshop meeting with the other
participants and instructors, but I'm glad I went through with it! I needn't have worried because everyone was really nice and I enjoyed talking about books and publishing and WIPs, and Lee was so friendly!! I'm looking forward to working with this diverse group of people for the next two days :)

The course focuses on revising, which is something I've been struggling with for a year now. Drafting is fun, but this revising stuff... hard work!! I'm having problems with structure and I feel like I can't get an overview of what I actually have, and how to make it better. You know, pacing, plot, character arcs and development...

I'm so angry at myself for having a completed manuscript and just letting it lie around for more than a year now! I want to polish it and start querying agents and try to get something out there! So I'm really glad that query letters and writing a synopsis is also something we'll touch on in the course.

Anyhow, I need to get myself to bed now so I'm in good form tomorrow :) I'll write a post about the course after it's over. Gosh I'm so excited... and I've said it about a gazillion times... and I've used way too many exclamation marks in this post. Oh well.

Have you guys ever taken part in any workshops or writing classes/seminars? What were your experiences with the other participants and the authors? Did it help you with your work? I'd love to hear some about it!


  1. I am sooo jealous! I love that series, and the author seems awesome. I haven't ever taken a class or went to a workshop like this. Like you said, I'm always a bit intimidated, but maybe your experience will encourage me a bit. Can't wait to hear all about it!

    1. Lee is so, so nice and encouraging!! And she also let us glimpse 'behind the scenes' of the Angel books a few times to illustrate a point ^^
      It was the first workshop for me too and it was incredibly helpful! There were so many talented, nice people from all over the place :) If there's anything like it around the place where you live, I can definitely recommend going! I'll have my post up in a day or two; I need to digest all the info & impressions a bit more first :)