Sunday, January 5, 2014

Blogging resolutions for 2014

I know, I know. Another not really all that bookish, blog related post. But I think it's important to set a few goals for myself, officially, in writing. Even though I am usually not at all a new-years-resolution-y person.
But there are things in 2013 that didn't go all that well, that made me feel guilty, that I didn't like. I didn't write as many reviews as I would have wanted. I wasn't very social. I sometimes didn't comment back, or commented back very late. And even though 2014 will be very busy for me, at least the next 4 months (I'm writing my master thesis (deadline in May) and hopefully graduating in the summer/fall), I do want to try to be a better blogger as well. Even though the thesis must take precedence because I really cannot afford to screw this up.

Anyhow, here are some of my blogging resolutions for 2014:

  • Review more books, even if this means reading less.
  • Be more social: get back on Twitter or at least find a point that I'm comfortable using it at while it isn't eating all my time.
  • Also on the social front: comment more, and return all comments on meme posts (unless they are obviously a copy-paste type of comment)
  • Restrain myself on Netgalley and Edelweiss
  • More original content, not just memes. I really like the discussion posts and judging from the response, I guess you guys did as well. I'm also brainstorming other types of possible posts that haven't been done a gazillion times over.
  • Also, maybe try to finally set up that meme/feature I've been meaning to do for a while.
  • General maintenance / updating stuff, like maybe some design tweaks (though I really love my header), reconsidering the ways you can follow the blog (do I really need Networked Blogs and GFC?), plus some stuff I consider doing with the FB page or Pinterest. This doesn't have priority though.

I feel like I forgot something... if you have any idea what it might be, let me know :P
Anyway, apart from all that I also simply want to have fun blogging. This is a hobby, not a chore. I'm not planning to ever make any money from this, I'm not affiliated with anybody. I can make my own rules. I think it's important to remember that, too.

I hope you guys had a great start into 2014! If you're a blogger, do you have any resolutions for the new year? Link me up to your post if you have one :)


  1. Oh, the need to restrain myself on Netgalley & Edelweiss! That's a biggie! I think we've all kind of decided that discussion posts are where the fun's at. :)

    1. The thing with NG is... I usually read the book, ahead or around the time of release. I just can't write the damn review >.< And I'm glad we all like the discussion posts :)

  2. These are great points. I love making New Year's Resolutions, but none of mine had to do with blogging. Though I really need to be better about commenting on other blogs this year and updating.

  3. I remember how the time of thesis writing was... Urgs! I wish you just the best for that! =)

    As for the resolutions... Restraining yourself on Edelweiss/Netgalley -- Thank God I'm already there, I wasn't on there for about 6 months because I just can't keep it all up. I wanted to give priority to my already existing pile, and aside from buying lots of new stuff, I also got lots read. ^^

    I just put up the resolution to review less -- well, small things like novellas or something that really doesn't fit in between my other stuff. But I kow what you mean when your read-goal is set that high!

    Returning comments... Well, I guess the ppl I actually have an answer for that isn't "thanks for commenting" do get an answer -- but I'm not so sure anyone actually checks back. ^^ Meaning, I'm not so great on that front either, but I'm at least haflway okay with that.

    More original content... I've been thinking about this, but I have to say I'm not all that creative. But I'd really like to do something with other bloggers together, so we'd also get to know each other better, etc. I just don't know who to approach, but you'd have definitively been on the list. If you're interested? Or cook up a meme together? I had some ideas previously but coming up with a weekly question that doesn't circle back at some point... It's a hard thing to do and kinda scares me off the whole project. Help? ^^

    Oh, and in case you're curious, my resolutions are at the end of this post!

  4. Ahhh thesis writing...takes me back XD I wish you nothing but success at it Carmen! You can do it!! Anyways you have some great resolutions here - personally I have gotten quite a bit better at keeping my NG/EW requesting under control...but then I still go on benders from time to time O.O and I certainly do miss chatting with you on Twitter and whatnot...but real life has to come first sometimes *shakes fist* haha! Anyways all the best with your goals for 2014 Carmen xx

    1. Same here with NG and EW... sometimes I don't log in for weeks and don't request anything in months, and then I just see all this great stuff >.<
      I also miss our chats! Hopefully after mid-May :) And I'll be in the US this summer! Probably not close to Canada though :( And I miss BEA by about a week... gah >__<