Friday, January 25, 2013

Short absence because... city trip!

Hello my lovely readers,

I just wanted to notify you that I'll be gone from Sunday at oh-hell-no o'clock (otherwise known as 'your flight departs at 7a.m. so head to the airport at 5') in the morning until sometime on Wednesday.

'Gone where?', you might ask.

Well... Barcelona!!

I'm so excited! :D Yes I live smack in the middle of Europe and the flight is less than two hours but I've never been to Spain before! I'll be going with my family (first time in over two years) and we'll see how that goes down, but my sister knows the city a bit and I'm honestly looking forward to some warmer weather. It's very snowy and cold here in Zurich at the moment. Brr.

I'll get to see this:
I don't own the picture, find it here.
And this:
I don't own, find it here.
Seriously, I love Gaudi's art! I've wanted to see the Sagrada Familia and the Park G├╝ell for years :) According to my sister, there's also a great Old Town part with lots of little alleyways and boutiques and other interesting little shops. And of course the Rambla. We probably won't be going to the beach because alas, 'tis not the season. However, because of that it'll also be less crowded which is a plus in my book.

Now what does this mean for you and this blog?

I have some posts scheduled, so on that front you shouldn't notice too big a change. However, it will take me longer to reply to comments and comment back on memes. I should have WiFi at the hotel but I don't know yet whether or not I'll take my netbook and I don't feel like returning comments on my smartphone. It's just too cumbersome. I also don't think I'll do much in that hotel room besides sleep anyway :P

So... see you guys next week, unless my plane crashes *touch wood*
If anyone is interested I'll post some pictures when I'm settled in again :)


  1. Oh my goodness, have fun! :D
    You're so lucky you're going on vacation, college starts again for me on Monday. ):
    Hopefully you'll take some pictures and post a lot of them up on the blog! ;D

    1. Thank you :D My new university semester starts on the 18th of February, but I have a paper due on the 15th and I procrastinated so actually leaving right now is sort of dumb >.< But the chance just presented itself and I couldn't say no! I love travelling ^^

      Have a good start on Monday!

  2. Oh so cool!! Have a great trip :P

    1. Thanks :) Even the weather is looking good so far!

  3. Oh, have a lovely trip! I've always wanted to travel, but I've barely left the state I live in, let alone the country. :( Take lots of pics so I can live vicariously through you. :) Also, is "touch wood" the saying in Europe? We say "knock on wood" over here in the states. =)

    1. Thank you! I'll definitely be taking lots of pictures, and my sister has her super-professional big camera with her to ensure there will also be good ones :P *sigh* I really want to go to the US though! You guys aren't aware of all the cool stuff you have that you just can't find in Europe...
      And yes, I meant knock on wood >.< I just remembered that the saying also has 'wood' in it and then assumed it must be the same. Sometimes I mix up this sort of stuff because it's not something you can just translate across languages.

  4. OMG have an amazing trip! You're SO lucky to live in the middle of Europe and have all the places I dream of visiting be so close by for you ♥ Spain definitely sounds wonderful! Take tons of pis and have fun :D

    1. Thank you *hugs* :) Yes, sometimes it's really cool that everything is relatively close. Doesn't mean it's cheap though :P And you can't really do road trips here. My country just... ends after about 3 or 4 hours of driving. I really envy you Americans for that! And I have so many dream cities in the US that I want to visit ^^
      I really hope it'll be fun and I'll try to maybe upload some pics while I'm still there :)