Sunday, May 12, 2013

Get To Know Me: Favorite Things to Do on a Day Off

Hey there :)
I'm really late with this post today, it being Mother's Day and all...
I also couldn't really come up with a good topic. First I wanted to do music but that would have taken forever to format and how could I possibly only pick like 5 bands when I have 25GB of music by almost 300 bands on my computer?!

So I thought I'd talk about what I like to do on a day without university courses or work.

That's a pretty obvious one, right? I actually still get quite a lot of reading done even if I have courses because I have this habit of reading while eating, but I also love curling up with a book on my bed (or, now that I live at my parents' again, a couch) and just reading for hours and getting lost in these amazing imagined worlds!

Walking the city
I will definitely miss that a lot now that I don't live in Zurich anymore for the time being :( I'd just walk my favorite parts of town for ages, do some window-shopping and snoop around stores and watch people. Zurich is a very pedestrian-friendly city with great public transport, so getting somewhere with a car is actually harder and really annoying. Which is of course great for walking. The pace is brisk though but once I got used to it, I liked it that way :) Sometimes I go to the lake and walk along the promenade; there are usually some buskers there playing music, and of course lots of people just hanging out. In the summer you can also just spread your towel there and walk around in swim trunks/bikini. Oh, and you can rent pedalo-boats and get up to shenanigans out on the lake :P
I also like discovering new places in the city, so sometimes when I'm in the old part of town I just go down some random, winding alley and see where it takes me. I've discovered awesome hidden little squares, stores, and old houses that way! Sometimes I take my camera with me.

Sitting in a café / writing
Another favorite. Sometimes I just have to get out of the house but I don't really feel like going anywhere, buying anything, or meeting anybody. So I just go to a café, sit at the window, sip my cappuccino and relax. I watch people. Maybe I took my netbook with me so I can get some writing done. It's just overall really relaxing for me, lets my mind take a breath, and makes me feel good because I did something creative :) And if I feel lonely, I can still text a friend and ask them if they'd like to join me.

Staying in my PJs all day
Yeah. We all need those days every once in a while, right? Right? Sleeping in until noon (maybe I should remark that I usually stay up until like 2am), getting up, eating something, and deciding not to leave the house so what's the point in getting dressed. Then I read or watch some DVDs or whatever and listen to music.

Hm... I think this covers the most important bases. You may have noticed that there are no clubs or sports on there. The reason is that I don't do any. I just don't enjoy sports very much and I've yet to see a club I'd want to join. I also don't want to feel like I *have* to go to some club meeting now or do something in preparation for a club-thingy or whatever. Oh and then there's the money issue, of course.

So yeah, that's what I like to do when I have a day off. Lame? Lazy? Crazy? Boring? Do we have any 'activities' in common? What do you like to do when you've got a whole day without work?


  1. I just love how your days off sound - mostly cause overall they sound like mine (the reading, pj days, writing and lacking in sports or clubs hehe) BUT the city where I lived for over 10 years was NOT fun to walk in, and traffic/noise/pollution so Zurich sounds SO divine in comparison :D walking around finding hidden little gems of anything in a city like that makes me swoon just thinking about it! Loved this post, already looking forward to the next one!!

    1. With Zurich it really depends where you go. The inner city's fine but there are parts where everything's jammed with cars and stuff.
      PJ days for the win! And I didn't know you're writing too o.O I'd love to discuss that at some point :)

  2. Ha, I love PJ days, too! And my mom wonders why my daughter never wants to get out of hers. :P But those days are awesome for marathons of my favorite shows or playing board games and stuff. I don't think it's lazy at all. :)