Thursday, May 2, 2013

Reading Challenges Wrap-up for April

So, another month passed! Time really does fly. This is my last month at my own place, after that it's back to my parents from the way it looks because I just can't find a new one. Or well, I find them all right but so do 50+ others and someone else always gets the apartment. Sigh.

Anyhow! Let's go on to the books of April. I read quite a lot to take my mind off things so I made a dent in my reading piles :)

Here's what I read for the challenge until the end of April:

  • Girl of Nightmares, by Kendare Blake
  • Impossible, by Komal Kant
  • One Grave At A Time, by Jeaniene Frost
  • Wither, by Lauren DeStefano
That means I'm now at 25 books! My original goal was 21-30, so I've upraded it to the next level which is 31-40 :)

Yeah, quite a lot of doubles. But hey, at least I actually reviewed 2 of them! I read a lot of newly released/netgalley books this month so the stack isn't that high on both of these challenges.

  • Impossible, by Komal Kant
  • Darkness of Light, by Stacey Marie Brown
Both sort of straddle mature YA with NA, but they have NA themes and more mature sexual parts going on, so I guess they count? The girls are 18, the guys slighly older. To be honest I was partly annoyed with Impossible and wrote some mini-thoughts on goodreads but eventually ended up not reviewing it for time reasons. My review for Darkness of Light will be up as part of the tour on May 10. I REALLY need to buckle down on this challenge! I have SO many unread NA books!

So that's it for this April... could have gone better, could have gone worse I guess. Are you guys participating in any challenges? How are you holding up?

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